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Clean Freaks

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Pam for cat lovers [10 Jan 2007|09:05am]

So, i went online and checked out ideas for my litter pan, and they suggested using Pam, the cooking spray..I have to say..It worked great! So great in fact that all the litter came out of the pan so fast, that some of it ended up on my floor..

Question, i have a suede couch and it smells like dog, any suggestions on how to get the smell out?
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some cleaning help! [07 Dec 2006|07:44pm]

Hey there, everyone.
I'm a graduate student at the VCU Adcenter working on a project about cleaning and household cleaners. I was wondering if I could get some help from all of you as I go about the project. Would anyone be willing to talk about some aspects of cleaning with me? It'll involve two quick surveys. The first one is just one question: Why do you clean?

Click here to take survey

I would really appreciate any help. And this is not for a company.
Thank you!
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[24 Nov 2006|11:20am]

my apartment is starting to show little tiny spots of mold on the window sill. other tenants complain of this problem too. i just want to know what i can do about it so that the window sills don't look spotty.

i'm thinking a toothbrush and ajax powder might do it.
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help ! [31 May 2006|11:47am]

I`d love to live in a clean house, but I can’t!-the house is just too big for me with 5 bathrooms, a cat, a dog, and in-laws:)
we work full time +I take evening classes (not that my husband helps cleaning anyway) and I just can not do it anymore! Because of my classes I only have 2 evenings and weekends to do something around the house, but it quickly dissolves in grocery shopping, cooking (I cook 2 times a day) routine cleaning and laundry.
The only idea is to get professional help-a person who can come once in a while and wash the tub and the floors-any ideas how to find one? Do not want to go to professional services-they always send different people and charge a lot:(. I thought you might know any maid or housecleaning community? Any advice?
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[11 May 2006|12:39am]

[ mood | determined ]

To keep with the last post, I've got a question about doggie's bodily stains, too.

Late last week, my Great Dane got a stomach virus, and started vomiting occasionally. On Friday, it picked up to vomiting *frequently*, and I took him to the vet. [Fyi, he's fine, just a stomach bug, went on fluids and antibiotics, perfectly well now. :)]

However. Two of his vomiting sessions had a significant amount of kibble in it, both of which he lovingly place in the exact middle of my [rented] bedroom, on the lovely beige carpet. I picked up the solids, but then got preoccupied with following him around while he vomited on the [also rented] hardwood, and sort of forgot about the puddles in my bedroom.

They're dry now. The towel I set over them soaked up a goodly amount of liquid, but there's still enough to leave a noticible stain and make the carpet feel hard and sharp underfoot. Is there anything I can do to get the stain out, or did I totally screw myself over, waiting so long?

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[26 Apr 2006|04:15am]

It's four am, at my [lovely darling] dog decided it was a great fucking idea to shit in the loungeroom, then drag her ass from the lounge room, right through my bedroom, so now I have this trail of shit everywhere.
Excuse my terms and what not, but this is NOT the way I like to be woken up.
How the hell am I going to get it out of the carpet?????
Especially being that it's near-white carpet, and this is a rental property.

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[13 Mar 2006|08:04pm]

Hello clean people.
I'm wanting some guidance in regards to daily, weekly, and monthly routines, and what you think are the most esential items / cleaning products to own to ensure that you have a clean, fresh smelling and hygienic living environment.
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bathtub film [05 Mar 2006|11:38am]
Hello - I live in an old rented appartment, for several years there were some messy MIT boys here. There is a FILM - a white almost waxy feeling film on the yellow tub they have here. Does anybody know how the hell to get rid of it? Tilex didn't work?

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Hardwood floors! [03 Mar 2006|03:06pm]

I'm in the midst of a cleaning frenzy, and my hardwood floors are just not cutting it. They've gone dull and I blame the Swiffer. It's just not doing enough to get me that shine I want. What do you recommend to get my hardwood back to peak shine?
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Swiffer rocks ! [29 Jan 2006|11:50pm]
Hey all !

I grew up being a messy person. I'd clean up once a week and it'd get really messy. Two years ago I realized that it's easier to keep things clean and clean up right away rather than let a mess accumulate. Every day I do power fifteen minutes where I pick up everything, put things away, take out the garbage, etc... I actually love cleaning. I find it relaxing and vigorously clean once a week. If it wasn't for Swiffer, Pledge / Windex Wipes and a great vacuum, then I think I'd still be messy.

I use Swiffer once a week and it's really amazing how dirty your floor gets.


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Need tips! [12 Dec 2005|11:19pm]

Lately I've found myself to be really getting into cleaning routines, when I myself, used to be a messy as pig.

Do you have a special routine for cleaning your BEDROOM? like, picking things up off the floor first or washing the bed sheets?

I've left my room to do last because I really need to de-clutter my life!
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[31 Oct 2005|05:26am]

[ mood | excited ]

So, what is your favorite chore to tackle, and what's your best tip for doing it?

(sorry if this has been asked before, I'm new.)

My newest favorite discovery is Oxi Clean for cleaning my oven hood vent because all I have to do is toss the vent in 2 gals of water w/ four scoops of Oxi Clean and walk away. About 15 minutes later, rinse with hot water and it's like new! :)

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Introduction [31 Oct 2005|09:40pm]

Hello all! I'm Dana. I'm new. I'm a neat freak. I'm obsessed with cleaning products (My cleaning cubboard is full of them) and get excited everytime I buy a new one, and just HAVE to "try it out". Favourite "chore" would have to be vaccuuming, polishing the silverware, dusting, cleaning the car, and cleaning my kitchen. I usually start my sprees in the morning and go until everything is spotless, so I have to rest of the day to enjoy the clean smell and appearance. So yeah, that's that. I'm off to do the dishes. *waves*
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Organization [29 Oct 2005|06:26pm]

Ok, I fully admit that I am an organization freak. I LOVE organizing. But I'm running out of ideas. Do you have any tips to share?

Here are a few examples to start things off:

organizing stuffCollapse )

X-posted a bunch of places.
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Perfectionist elite [29 Oct 2005|02:09pm]

I'm reorganizing my bedroom today! Yay!
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[23 Oct 2005|03:35am]

[ mood | dirty ]

Hello im new and ive found a community relating to me.
what am i doing?
I havent done a thing for 3 days the house is getting dirty and the dishes are still left over from dinner. But tomorrow is sunday and im getting into it,im excited really.

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[14 Oct 2005|01:22pm]

[ mood | working ]

Hi, I'm new. My name is Caroline, and I'm a perfectionist.

Right now I'm cleaning my bedroom, and I think it's going to take about two days to finish.

I'm so happy I found this community, and I hope it's runnung!


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[04 Jun 2005|02:35pm]

hiyas..okay friday night list of stuff done..okay it's not much, but it's something!!:)
did two loads of laundry..got both folded...third load of laundry to be folded tonight.
did more than half of the dishes.
cleaned off the nightstand, dusted nightstand and picked up all my dbf's candy wrappers that were beside the bed.
and played with my puppy for 20 minutes.


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People Against Dirty?!? [01 May 2005|10:31pm]

hey, I'm crystal, and I'm a total neat freak. I'm organized to the point of looking OCD (I'm actually brain injured so I have to be super organized to compensate for memory loss) and I worked in the medical field and 2 preschools- thats enough to freak anyone out about germs! I live alone but I constantly clean.

I'm totally obsessed with Method Products because they aren't chemical filled, they smell good, and are good for the environment. I'm the co-maintainer of method_addicts.

I also have a tendency to wait til 3am to start cleaning. heh.
and yeah... I start rearranging in the middle of the night too. ;)

thats the summary of me.
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[24 Apr 2005|09:15pm]

well, i managed to get the computer desks built the old one torn down...and!!and!! i still have a livingroom..okay so it took a week to get it back into order..but it's getting there.
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